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Learn Rockstar Presenter Skills -- Los Angeles May 2

Andre m [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Imagine being on stage in front of a large audience with zero stage fright. If your work includes giving speeches, presentations, pitches or managing meetings, consider joining me in Silicon Beach LA on May 2 for Own The Room!

Join me and my fellow coaches from Own The Room for our one-day communication training, which includes:

Executive Presence and Connect First: Understand the basic brain science of how we send and receive information; then use it to enthrall your audience, impress your boss, or wow your clients.

Be Memorable: Captivate your audience, ensuring they remember your message, and unlock your creativity while remaining professional.

Voice Modulation and Non-Verbal Communication: Make your message stronger using your voice and gestures.

Power of Stories: Learn to tell powerful stories in business; say more with fewer words and convey your message through compelling storytelling.

Click on the button to find out more, and I hope to see you in LA!

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