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Radio Needs The Cheesecake Factor

"Cheesecake Factory Lincolnshire, Il" by michaeltk is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

“I don’t listen to radio.” You have probably noticed more people saying that in recent years. Sometimes concerned broadcasters ask me about the uncertain future of AM/FM and I use The Cheesecake Factory as a metaphor to consider.


Some people say they do not shop at malls anymore. In the 1970’s, malls were printing money. Then new competition like Target and arrived and some management responded with their go-to strategy; cost cutting.


Imagine the FM band in your town like that mall where everyone used to go before cost-cutting and competition. The big anchor players taking up most of the space are not bringing their A-game. The AM band, with thousands of dark stations off the air, might be like a mostly empty mall. Not much reason to go there anymore -- even if you did have a government-dictated AM radio in your Tesla.


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