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Great Tools For Podcasters

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Marc Maron Photo Credit: TheNecessaryEvil

If you are starting an original podcast, we recommend that you plan for 4-6 hours of planning, production and management for every hour of the finished show.

Many of the responsibilities that stations handle for on-air radio hosts fall on the shoulders of independent podcast hosts -- in addition doing the show itself.

To save time and effort, bookmark The One List Of Podcasting Tools You Need In 2018 from It is a comprehensive list of resources for:

· Audio File Hosting

· Website Hosting

· Social Media Marketing And Management

· Audio Recording and Editing

· Remote Interview Tools

· Image Editing, Graphic Design and Art Work

· Transcription Services

· Email List Building Tools

· Email Marketing

· Guest Scheduling

· Finding Guests

· Link Sharing

· Audio Clip Creators

· Podcast Project Management Tools

· Web Design

· Sound Design/Theme Music

· Podcast Players

· Review Tracking

In fact, there are resources, apps and services on this list that you may not have heard of before that would help your radio show too.

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