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How To Repair P.R. Disasters

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Bill Maher: Smart, funny, sometimes says wrong things

High-profile media personalities sometimes say or do something that gets them into hot water. If that day comes for you, take notes from a guy whose clients have included Harvey Weinstein, Chris Brown and Paris Hilton.

Michael Sitrick no longer represents Harvey Weinstein. But he is the author of Spin: How To Turn The Power Of The Press To Your Advantage. His book and a recent New York Times article include tips on surviving public relations disasters.

· Nothing gets said without lawyer approval. Strictly limit those who may speak to the media to 1-2 people and limit statements to what counsel has given an OK.

· “No Comment” is for losers. If you do not tell your side of the story to reporters, someone else will.

· Never lie. Once you lose credibility, you lose everything. Mr. Sitrick’s firm has dumped a number of high-profile celebrities for just that reason.

Read He Fixes The Worst PR Crises Possible. Then Came Harvey Weinstein by Abby Aguirre of the New York Times for insight on how some celebrities navigate the worst moments of their career while others implode.

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